Well Tested,
Nature Approved.

American Welltest Incinerators

American Welltest Incinerators is a private company dedicated to reducing the environmental impact of oil and gas related completion or flowback. The AWI low emission burner technology provides a significant advancement over existing conventional flares and available enclosed flaring equipment. When your program includes sour wells, tight holes, or drilling in close proximity to populated areas, AWI’s technology will provide you with the best results.

Rental Incinerators

The AWI unit runs very quietly, emits no smoke, visible flame, odor or radiant heat, and solves virtually all of the problems associated with conventional well test flaring. Designed specifically for well completion / flowback applications, the AWI solution is the most efficient and effective on the market.



AWI represents the best available technology to handle the effects of high volume flaring associated with completion / flowback operations. The combustion chamber is lined with ceramic fiber insulated modules, to promote improved combustion with high internal temperature retention.